Friday, April 08, 2011

The Next Song

Got a pocket sized book to learn French
Loaded in my pocket
Put my Flannel shirt on

Put on my dying old Fedora
And some sun glasses
Got them at a gas station

Wore my favourite canvas shoes
With my socks pulled up
The star was fading

Got a memory of her
In a photograph
Took it with my I pod touch

There's more
There's more
Its in the next verse

Went down to the skating rink
Got me some ice blades
Yeah,i fell in love

Smashed up a ten strike
Down at the bowling alley
The bowling alley food sucked

So we went to the bar
And we got more drunk
The bar tender threw us out

Walked to the diner
Scrambled just like eggs
We were a dollar short

There's more
There's more
Its in the next verse

Asked if i could drop her home
She said she wasn't from here
She was from out of town

So i took her back to my hotel
Where we made love
Some real sweet love

Headed down for some breakfast
it was a buffet
She wasn't really hungry

A piece of juice bacon was
Hanging from my mouth
Wrapped some bread in a napkin

There's more
There's more
Its in the next verse

Started up my rental to
eighties glam world
Gotta really hate that

She smoked her Du Maurier's
While the window was still shut
We didn't speak a word

Just then a cop came
and he caught us for speeding
Told him i loved his glares

Shocked, she looked at me
and asked what i was wearing
I said its in the first verse

There's more
There's more
Its in the next song

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God bless you.