Friday, October 21, 2011

The Scooter Song

Wanna buy a scooter
Crawl it to your house
Put you in the backseat
Take you for a ride
Pineapple juice and pepper
Palm trees and breeze
We'll wander around LA
We'll sleep in Long beach

Long beach
Long beach

Wanna fly a plane
Right into your porch
I'll give you the controls
Crash out the ozone
Say hello the birds
Say hello to the bees
Make love on the
Passenger seats

Passenger seats
Passenger seats

Wanna take you to New Zealand
Wanna take you to India
Roam the streets on Bombay
Wanna make you meet my mum
My dad will love you
No matter what
My brother, he loves me
So he will love you too

They'll all love you
Yes, they will love you

But i crashed my scooter
It broke in two
My plane had no wings
It was a bad investment too
I will never know you
You'll never get to know me
I'll just lie
Alone in my dreams

Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams

1 comment:

Angelina Bong said...

I can picture this in a song..hip hoppish