Tuesday, January 17, 2012


And i just strung the moon
My camel's on its way
I see your face in a cage
Breaking sand dunes on this page

The pencil's broken blue
Submerged in all of its shaves
I sense you longing for clouds
Using the mirage as pieces of shroud

The doctor, she holds the needles
The nurse, he weeps in pain
They took all the sheets that drenched
Out a desire to fulfil their need for the stench

They prescribe what's on their mind
Drug addled in a world of coin
The safety is in signatures
The pencil is in the hands of a forger

The aquarium cleaner sits down to think
How he has forgotten all about love
As bubbles of fluid sink between his teeth
The song of sea weeds grab him by his feet

Now he stares at the glass with one eye closed
As his friends swim around in circles
He is trying to erase his life with his past
And has stopped to think about the future

The astronomer, she sits half naked
While online daters send her notes of love
But she is too busy watching pornography
And the rent cheque is due for two months

While she feels so cluelessly estranged
From her family, she once let go
She makes an attempt to send a note of hope
But the page is wrinkled and torn

The wedding singer plays tunes at sunset
While the divorce lawyer irons his tie
The bride and the groom are craving attention
And the pencil fits so strong in his hands

She sings pages and pages of soul
As he sinks so deep in her cage
The bride and the groom are now on top of the moon
While he slowly gets poisoned with his own lead

Yes, it seems i have strung the moon
And my camel's on its way
I see your face each and every day
Carving sand dunes from inside of the cage

I lie sick here on a bed of shaves
And the pencil's broken blue
The clouds have now gone into hiding
Shrouding this page to replace your mirage as its face

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