Friday, June 07, 2013

Poisoned Honeybees

Dirty socks, they're left to dry
Filthy landfills
Crooked heads are left to grind
Damn brainwash machines
Sour nectar is left to feed
Poisoned honeybees
Dead flowers are here to bloom
A land of plastic sheets

Colorless Rainbows
Arrows from a quiver of fire
Infernos sprawl , a raging heat
Burning flames, a soot filled steam

Sunburnt dreams are left to die
Deep dark pits
Blind faith is left to breed
Books, so obsolete
Executioner's song is left to speak
A Prejudice, so real
Narrow minds are here to stay
Kill all who disagree

Wingless butterflies
Hurricanes from a tortured soul
Water sprouts , a wild tsunami
Spilling lead , a venom feel

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