Monday, March 03, 2014

Vegas City Blues

She's a whisky bottle sitting at a black jack table
She's got cash to just blow away
She's got weary eyes that scream out a disappointing past
And the morning clock sings eight O five

He's been in debt for as long as he remembers
He's got DUI records on his resume
He's been late to work cause he just can't seem to be on time
And time is what he has lost track of

They've got their best friend's wedding to pillage and ruin
They've got bars to grill and drinks to spill
They've got to know what it's like to be arrested
And the evening clock says its that time

I've got a loveless scar that i might wanna talk about
I've got a pretty sweet girl but she wants to leave
I've got to get out of here and go for a real long drive
But time, it's never on my side

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