Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Last Letter

I hear the wind and it makes me think of you
Your sweet voice rustling through
And i don't know what can i do

There are things that grow and some that die
And there are struggling infinities in between
And i don't know what i can pull through

Crossroads building up like piles of stone
Your memories are here but you are gone
And i don't know what i was meant to do

I feel the wind and it kicks my face
Carries me on to another place
And i don't know if i can come back home

My love is latched and locked for good
It's spinning around on a tornado stool
And i don't know if anything ever was true

So i will leave this the way you wanted it
Run away as far as this freedom makes me be
And now i do know how far and deep i have been

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