Friday, October 10, 2014


Feels like all the wrong one's get me
And all the right one's just don't seem to care
I am struggling , draining , crippling to reach the shore
Safe , i am not
They took my wings
And now I scream

Feels like the light won't reach me
And the darkness is all what's left of me
I am drifting, burning, aching to fit right in
Known, i am not
They took my beat
And now I bleed

Feels like the ice won't melt with me
And the Avalanche is covered up in me
I am swirling, drowning, sinking in an unknown deep
Warm, i am not
They left me there
And now I freeze

Feels like the fire won't fill my fury
And the rage has just become one with me
I am spitting, smashing , crumbling to rest in peace
Safe, i am
I am the mist
And now i breathe

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