Monday, July 18, 2016

Dead Printer Blues

Blank is the mind
Pages dont feel
Patience is locked
And the trees shed a tear

Duplication is a deceit
Hands are still shaking
What if i fail ?
A horror beneath

I am leaving now
A disgrace goodbye
You dont think much of me
You never did

I am gonna make this right
But only in my mind
Fear is forgiven
Amendment on fire

I failed
I failed
I failed

Stand by me
It worries me
I am not to be trusted
I am a fool

I let you down
And i'll do it again
Not by my will
But by my quandary

Dig a deep hole
Set fire to the flag
Nothing holds deeper
Than what you want to bury for

Glass in my eye
Blood everywhere
Suffocating oxygen
Gun powder and disease

I am sacrificed
I am the fungus
I am leaving now
I am the failure

I am the dirt
I am the ditch
I am the fever
I am the germ

But i still need you
Binary burns for you
We all bleed for you
Printer, i wanna kill you

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