Saturday, April 01, 2006

All in a dream

An unplanned ski trip
Some girl strangling me in her grip
Friends in a maroon cadillac
Drinking buddies with the finest green stack
Cliff jumping off the creepers
Autumn leaves and thorny twigs
Bloodstained rhinosaur battle
Won by a couple of swings
A man wearing a bow and a suspendor
Speeds through the ghetto in his broken down Chevy Impala
Walks into the general store and picks up something specific
With a spark of shining shoes, hair turned up like Donnie Brasco
Throws his card out to the slutty asian girl behind the glass wall
A 20$ cashback and races out of there taking huge gulps of his new purchase
Sighs a relief and breathes out heavy chunks of vodka and carbondioxide
Life sucks he says and pointed his long nailed index finger at the newspaper
Sixteen died in an air crash late last night due to a blistering misunderstanding
A 23 year old Indian boy studying in the University of Southern California
Drives his mental wheelchair to the cockpit on full throttle
And parks it in the eyes of the panic struck pilot
With a wide false tooth grin, he says he would like to see the machines
No time for a warning, the plane swings faster than ever in the downward spiral
In the meantime, the towing van pulls over the corner
Picks up the dented one, while a Smirnoff is smashed onto its glass
Reflections of an undiscovered soul in thousands of broken pieces
Welcome a Frooti and Jalapeno Cheeze crackers
Prowling street dogs of the night, all angels out of sight
Sounds of the barrel, screeching leopard's purrs and the smell of acrid barbeque
Freezing drops of rain hit the cup of tea sitting on the window sill
Lying down in a burnt out bedroom, hoping for a replacement
When the sun bursts through what was now and somehow the 1970's kick in like a stone
Nature on the run, sweetriver blues, bellbottomed pants, Led Zeppelin and drive-in theatres
Creeping emptiness fosters the sickness in the stomach
Amidst all this, thoughts of you
And how we used to be
I was thnking about what a friend had said
I was hoping it was a lie
Look at nature on a run
In the 1970's
All in a dream
All in a dream

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Siddharth Adelkar said...

but i hope to pen the panick stricken pilot better on my blog.