Sunday, April 09, 2006

A fruit le mon

Don’t even remember where we were
Her love was like a game
The more serious that I took her
The hotter the sex became
I was eating lemon with fries
When her breasts flashed before my eyes
I found out how much i loved her
And all of her rage tonight

So as i take leave just know my state
I’d love to stay with you tomorrow
Please smile when you think about our fate
Your lies are real, i cant help but swallow

A fruit le mon
A fool is hereby born
An ugly secret to hide
A date with lemons fried
These are the last crumbles,i’ll ever eat
But i am broke to pay the fees

If my bed was still clean
I know the ashtray would spill again
And the blue colour slowly turning grey
There’s every reason to feel afraid

Anger is an easy feel
Tears are simpler
Its harder to remove knots
Than to burn the rope


Mirchii said...

for one reason or another
odd and forgotten
we live on

Kappa said...


we say goodbye
cause misery's so damn hollow

Kappa said...

and yeah thanx