Monday, June 27, 2011

Killer Instinct

Summer Shade, it flows
Like a drop of water
Through the sky

Insects crawling on the clouds

Autumn Sun, it sets
Like a pinch of sand
Through the night

Buried in its deepest darkest void

Winter Moon, it howls
Like a tortured wolf
Through the mire

Its life, it trembles with fear

Ocean Wind, it burns
Like a friction igniting
Through the cages

Torpedoes coming back to life

Gamma Ray, it freezes
Like a cold execution
Through the chair

Lightning embraces the blind

Killer Instinct, it grows
Like a magic beanstalk
Through the soil

Germinating with evil desire

Acid Rain, it stains
Like a poison virus
Through the veins

Desecrating the minds with infection

The last remaing hour, it chokes
Like a world about to end
Through the hands of time

The pinch of sand slipping away

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