Sunday, August 07, 2011

Panic Attack

There's a bomb for sale
Maybe Three
And the lives are for free

It's a market place
it's a hurricane
it's a senseless bleed

We can rant
We can rave
But we cannot educate

We can hate
We can condemn
It's such a bleed

There's power for sale
For the sale of power
And their souls are for free

It's a swamp of lies
It's a dirty hide
It's a terrible dream

We could change
We could win
But will we ever see ?

We can tame
We can scream
It's a senseless bleed

I saw the victims' family holding hands
I don' t think i have ever been there

There's money in the pit
There's hell to be lit
But the freedom, it's for free

This is your God
This is mine
Let's fight and set us free

There's blood on his hands
There's blood everywhere
But will this ever heal?

We can be the change
We can be the peace
But can we ever educate?

I see the peace rise like a flower
I saw that this was just a dream

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CAR said...

dude that was pretty awesome